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Hello Dancers,

We’ve missed you, we hope you are well and taking care of each other during this very difficult time. Below are your class links to be connected to the live streaming on Zoom. Just click on the link at your class time, then click “allow”, then click “join with video”. Double-check to make sure your computer audio and video are on. Use gallery mode to see everyone. Note: Parents do not share links for the privacy of the class and dancers. For best results use a computer or iPad when live streaming. We look forward to seeing you soon. Keep Dancing!

Monday 3:00 4yr Ballet, Tumble & Tap LF 

Monday 4:00 Petite Ballet Tap Jazz LF 

Monday 5:30 Senior/Principal Lyrical AC 

Monday 6:30 Teen Tap AC 

Monday 6:30 Senior/Principal Contemporary KP 

Monday 7:30 Teen Contemporary KP 

Monday 7:30 Senior/Principal Tap AC 

Monday 8:30 Pre-Teen/Teen Tap (Rec.) AC 

Monday 8:30 Principal Modern KP 

Tuesday 10:30 Mom & Me Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Tuesday 1:30 3yr Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Tuesday 3:15 4 yr Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Tuesday 4:15 5-7 yr Ballet, Tap, Jazz LF 

Tuesday 4:15 9 yr Open Pre-Junior Lyrical AC 

Tuesday 5:15 10 yr Pre-Junior/Junior Ballet Lev. 2.2 Lilac IP 

Tuesday 5:15 6 yr Ballet Tap Jazz LF 

Tuesday 6:15 11 yr Pre-Teen Ballet Lev. 3.2 Bluebell IP 

Tuesday 6:15 Junior Lyrical AC 

Tuesday 7:15 Pre-Teen Jazz AC 

Tuesday 7:15 13& up Teen Ballet Lev. 4.1 Burgundy IP 

Tuesday 8:15 15 Adv. Senior/Principals Pointe Level 2 China  Blue IP 

Tuesday 8:15 Teen Lyrical AC 

Wednesday 1:30 4yr old Ballet, Tumble, Tap LF

Wednesday 4:00 5-7 yr Ballet Tap Jazz LF 

Wednesday 4:00 9-11yr Open Youth Acrobatic Arts LL 

Wednesday 5:00 Teen/Pre-Teen Acrobatic Arts LL 

Wednesday 5:00 8-11 yr Tap/Jazz LF 

Wednesday 6:00 Pre-Teen Lyrical KP 

Wednesday 6:00 Teen Jazz KD 

Wednesday 7:00 Improvisation (Teens) KD 

Wednesday 7:00 Senior/Principal Modern w/ Conditioning KP

Wednesday 8:00 Tech/Cond KP 

Wednesday 8:00 Improvisation (Senior/Principals) KD 

Wednesday 8:45 Senior/Principal Jazz KD 

Wednesday 8:30 Teen Open Contemporary KP 

Thursday 10:30 Mom & Me Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Thursday 11:30 3 yr Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Thursday 1:30 4 yr Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF

Thursday 3:00 3 yr Ballet, Tumble, & Tap LF 

Thursday 4:00 Mini Competition Class LF 

Thursday 4:30 Junior Jazz KP 

Thursday 5:30 8-10 yr Youth Lyrical KP 

Thursday 5:30 11-13 NR Pre-Teen/Junior2x Ballet Lev. 3.2  Lilac IP 

Thursday 6:30 8-10yr Youth Ballet Lev. 1 Aqua IP 

Thursday 6:30 12 yr Pre-Teen Contemporary KP 

Thursday 7:30 15 Adv. Senior/Principals Ballet Lev. 4.2/5.1 China Blue IP 

Thursday 7:30  8-11 Hip Hop 

Thursday 8:30 Teen Hip Hop 

Friday 4:30 Pre-Junior Jazz AC 

Friday 4:00 Youth Tap LF 

Friday 5:00 Youth Jazz LF 

Friday 5:30 Pre-Junior Tap AC 

Friday 6:30 Pre-Teen Tap AC 

Friday 6:30 10-12yr Open Junior/Pre-Junior Acrobatic Arts LA 

Friday 7:30 13 & up Open Acrobatic Arts LA 

Friday 7:30 Junior Tap AC 

Saturday 9:30 3-5 yr Ballet & Tap MZ 

Saturday 9:30 am – 10:45 am Ballet IP

Saturday 10:30 6-8 yr Ballet, Tap, Jazz MZ 

Saturday 10:45 am – 11:30 am Pointe IP 

Saturday 11:30 7&up Musical Theater MZ